January 31, 2023

7 Bizarre Digital Currencies That are Beyond Comprehension

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Bitcoin paved the way for digital currencies. After Bitcoin and its blockchain spread like wildfire among serious investors and curious minds alike, a number of digital currencies came out in the market. A good number of them are good ones, like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monaco. There are also unconventional digital currencies that went from joke to serious and successful business, like the popular Dogecoin. As of August 2020, Dogecoin had a market cap of over 350 million US dollars. Not bad eh? Several of the coins below earn a lot of money, but remain to be weird.

Seven Bizarre Types of Digital Currencies/ Cryptocurrencies

Mooncoin‘s appeal lies in its limited supply. There are only 385,000,000,000,000 Mooncoins in the world. The limited supply based on the current average distance between the Earth and Moon. It is mainly used for micropayments.

Cthulhu Offerings
Cthulhu Offerings is a type of slow-moving digital currency that pays homage to the “The Great Old One”, Cthulhu, a fictional sea monster deity created by fantasy author H.P. Lovecraft. Mining difficulty level adjusts according to the number of coins released. Once every six months, “Cthulthu” will appear and reward one random user with a windfall of coins. It sounds ridiculous, but the digital currency has a growing cult following.

Bitcoiin combines elements of BitCoin and Ethereum to create an enhanced version of Bitcoin. It earned notoriety not only being confusing and dubious but also for getting actor Steven Seagal as its main endorser.

BitCoen is a type of digital currency that was made by Jews, primarily for the Jewish community. It has since grown into something bigger and more successful, and now is seeking to serve more communities based on “identities”. Recently, they’ve included Turkish and Russian communities to their ecosystem.

Political Coins
You don’t need to be part of a Super PAC to help endorse your favorite politician! You just need to create a coin to create funding for their causes. Supporters of American politicians like Donald Trump and Ron Paul have created TrumpCoin and Ron Paul Coin so you can raise money for stuff like “building the wall”. Another one, PutinCoin, was created to express admiration for the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. There’s also one called Billary, whose founders believe that “Democracy is so Overrated”. Actually, PutinCoin and Billary are just goofy names for normal blockchain techs that seek attention.

What’s weirder than political coins? A speculative digital currency proposed by the controversial Venezuelan leader, Nicolas Maduro. According to Maduro, the digital currency will be “backed by the nation’s reserves of oil, gasoline, gold, and diamonds” and will help ease the country’s dire economic situation. It hasn’t been launched though, and there aren’t any signs of this coming into fruition.

Cannabis-based Coins
While Canadians are celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana, several companies have already been cashing on legal marijuana for the past year. PotCoin calls itself “the first digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry”. Others are Bongger, CannabisCoin, Ganjacoinpro, and KushCoin.

Ever since the launch of Bitcoin, numerous cryptocurrencies have made their way into the market. Some like Ethereum and Litecoin have become successful, and earn huge market caps. However, there are also bizarre cryptocurrencies out there, and we hope that you have enjoyed reading about seven of them in the article above.

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