January 31, 2023


Howdy, and a big warm welcome to our site, BimeCoin.com. Our team comprises many unique individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries. Incidentally, most of us are also long time friends who go way back, and share many memorable experiences together.

Anyway, the idea of setting up this website was born way back in 2009 when cryptocurrency first made its way into the financial world with the launch of Bitecoin. Back then, we were intrigued in the investment world and rise of cryptocurrency in particular, and how it would disrupt the industry. We tinkered with the idea of setting up a website to tap on the market. But we never got around to launching the website until 2018, nearly a decade after the launch of cryptocurrency.

What our Website is About.

Here, you can discover, find out more, and learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, investment, and finance themes in general. There will be interesting articles, reviews, and content related to the themes mentioned earlier, and so much more. There is going to be tons of cryptocurrency and investment related content and resources coming in the near future, so feel free to check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest happenings!

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