January 31, 2023

Five of the Most Promising Business Blockchain Companies this 2018

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Credit: xresch / Pixabay

Blockchain technology is one of the most important trends happening in business right now. It facilitates transactions efficiently without the need for external brokers. More and more industries today are exploring the use of blockchain to improve operations, satisfy customers and supporters, and earn more for themselves. Here are five new blockchain companies that look pretty promising in the years to come.


One of the longest and paper-driven corporate processes is procurement. Many major brands go through a lot of time just to accredit suppliers as business partners and purchase from them.

The Tradove platform seeks to ease the major international B2B procurement process by connecting major brands with SME business partners using Smart Contracts and Wallets. Its coin, the BBC, is the first-ever B2B token in the world. This is one of the most successful blockchain companies of 2018. Fortune 500 companies like Nestle, Toyota, Shell, and DHL are currently using the platform.



Social media has revolutionized digital marketing, giving birth to influencers, and bringing brands closer and more relatable to its consumers. However, influencers’ business and profits are now being taken advantage of by talent agencies and agents, causing brands to pay more and influencers to get less. Japan’s newest ICO, Patron, puts back brands influencers in control of their campaigns and pages, by allowing them to transact directly and faster with each other. Brands can pay influencers using PATRON Tokens with Ethereum-powered Smart Contracts. Patron is expanding to the United States and will launch publicly in Q4.


CIINCH Media Marketplace

Broadcast and Out-of-Home media are two advertising platforms that remain powerful today. U.S.-based brands spent up to $5 million per ad for this year’s Super Bowl. That says a lot about how powerful television still is. However, the media buying process is pretty tedious.

The people CIINCH are launching its blockchain tech for media planning and buying to cut through these processes and make it easy for brands to advertise.  Advertisers can use CIINCH’s ADBIT tokens to transact with media buyers and sellers without the heavy paperwork.



STEEM is a new blockchain platform which helps compensate content creators and incentivize online user behavior to help grow their audience. A lot of content creators face hurdles when signing up for YouTube’s ad monetization system or from trying to earn using Facebook. STEEM seeks to solve those problems.

By using the SMT (Smart Media Token), and posting on their Steemit social media platform, content creators can earn for the work they do and reward subscribers and new viewers for supporting them. These tokens have “Proof-of-Brain” properties that encourage creators to produce new content.



LeadCoin is a blockchain tech that sales executives will love. It aims to ease prospecting and improve sales effectiveness by allowing companies to purchase consenting hot leads. It also allows those companies to earn higher by reselling cold contacts outside their customer profile to other interested companies.

The company uses LDC Tokens, Ethereum Smart Contracts, and real-time buyer-and-seller communication media to ensure profitability and privacy.

Cover Art: xresch /  Pixabay





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