December 3, 2022

What Can Your Bitcoin Buy?

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Bitcoin, the most famous and valuable digital currency, is good not just for investing, but also for purchasing goods. You can buy actual goods and services with Bitcoin, you just have to know what stores accept them, and where these stores are. As of Aug 2020, there are over 15,000 establishments that accept Bitcoin as payment. We expect this number to grow as more establishments open up to Bitcoin.

Here are some things that you can buy with your Bitcoin.

Goods and Services You Can Buy With Your Bitcoin

Gold and other Precious Metals
Fancy investing your Bitcoin investment somewhere else? You can invest in gold and other precious metals with JM Bullion.

You can make big purchases like real estate using Bitcoin. You can find properties for sale anywhere in the world via The list includes impressive properties like hotels, and simpler ones like houses and apartments.

Professional Services
Bitcoin is a great way to pay for accountants, lawyers, and doctors because it ensures transparency in transacting. Go to UseBitCoinsInfo website to find licensed professionals who accept Bitcoin as payment for their services. Some notable firms and individuals that accept Bitcoin include BlackHouse Legal in Vancouver, Canada, Brazilian accounting firm OC CONTABILIDADE, and the New Age Institute for Aesthetic Surgery in Los Angeles in the USA.

Home Items
Overstock is a great place to find kitchen appliances, beds, home furniture and a host of other items you need for the house.

Laptops, Photo and Video Equipment
There are online shopping sites that only offer products payable via Bitcoin. At Spend Bitcoins, you can buy laptops and photo and video equipment.

Websites and Blogs
WordPress blazes the trail again by accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for plugins and themes. You can pay HostWinds, GlowHost, or HawkHost with Bitcoin to host your website.

Microsoft Online Apps and Games
Tech giant accepts Bitcoin as payment for online apps and games.

Online app leader Zynga also accepts Bitcoin payments for in-app purchases.

Flights and Hotels
You can pay for flights and hotel rooms on online discount booking websites like Expedia and newer players like BTCTrip, CheapAir, and SurfAir.

Online Gift Cards
There are over 200 online gift cards available on Gyft and eGifter that you can purchase using Bitcoin. Some of their gift cards include Walmart, eBay, Target, Macy’s, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Nike, and Starbucks.

Taxi Rides in Argentina and Hungary
Cabs in these countries accept Bitcoin as an alternative mode of payment to cash and credit cards.

Firearms in Texas, USA
Central Texas Gun Works is one of the first shops that accepted Bitcoin way back in 2014.

Espresso in Latvia
Bitcoin Coffee is the only cafe in the world that accepts only Bitcoin as payment. What a great way to promote digital currency to more people!

Get Started with Bitcoin
Now that you know of the various ways you can use Bitcoin as payment, how do you go about procuring Bitcoin? One of the best places to buy, invest in, and get started with Bitcoin is Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

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